What is a Trail Nerd?

A trail nerd is a runner who loathes the pavement, does not let a little bad weather stop them, does not whine, and is always ready to help a fellow trail runner. They originate from Kansas City, then like little seeds, propogate in other areas. Wanna be a nerd? Just join one of our group runs.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cold Weather Runs

You gotta love cold weather runs - get a few layers on, not too many though - it's all about putting on as few as possible, but as many as necessary to stay warm. If you are cold when you start, and cold after you stop for a few minutes, you probably have the right layers.

Mentally, they give you the feeling of having 'beat the elements'. You go home, tired, a little cold, and then get in a hot bath with a cup of hot tea - it's like heaven!

Bottom line is that the weather does not stop a trail nerd. Rain, shine, cold, humid, snow, or sleet or even ice. Check this site out: http://www.shoeicecleats.com/

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trail Nerds Take Over the Ozarks!

The insurgency was short and sweet. The KC Trail Nerds have always talked about conquering the world. They thought they were invincible. But deep in the back of their mind, they always wondered 'what if we fail?' So they came up with a plan. Let's start small. REALLY small. Let's first entrench ourselves in SW Missouri. Maybe if we could do that, then we might be able to develop a beach head and then, say, take on NW Arkansas.

So as we wind down the year, with short days, and turkey and dressing on the mind, a local trail runner Bruce 'The Juice' has already planted a seed. The goal is to develop a series of runs through the winter of '07 / '08 that will become a gathering spot for all other 'nerds' who currently have no other way to associate with people, except to run trails with them.

Stay tuned for upcoming runs and events. And check out: http://kctrailnerds.blogspot.com/