What is a Trail Nerd?

A trail nerd is a runner who loathes the pavement, does not let a little bad weather stop them, does not whine, and is always ready to help a fellow trail runner. They originate from Kansas City, then like little seeds, propogate in other areas. Wanna be a nerd? Just join one of our group runs.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Always time for a trail...

Just before my trip to Phoenix I contracted a cold, then as the conference approached I felt better, but lost my voice. Between meetings, receptions, and dinner parties, my partner Doug Jackson and I found a couple of hours to ride the trails around Verrado - his neighborhood in the West Valley at the base of the White Tank Mountains.
Weather was sunny, in the 60's with a light wind. Uphill sections were warm, with a little chill on the downhill. (that's why I wore the fleece vest).