What is a Trail Nerd?

A trail nerd is a runner who loathes the pavement, does not let a little bad weather stop them, does not whine, and is always ready to help a fellow trail runner. They originate from Kansas City, then like little seeds, propogate in other areas. Wanna be a nerd? Just join one of our group runs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gorgeous Winter Day at Busiek

Temp in the low 30s, overcast and light rain. A group of 20+ trail runners gathered for the "Stomp Hunger' run. I showed up with MTB to protect some foot problems I've been having. I rode about 1:30 before heading back to town to teach spin class. After the initial group photo op, the group split up and went different dirrections. Here are a few images from today.

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