What is a Trail Nerd?

A trail nerd is a runner who loathes the pavement, does not let a little bad weather stop them, does not whine, and is always ready to help a fellow trail runner. They originate from Kansas City, then like little seeds, propogate in other areas. Wanna be a nerd? Just join one of our group runs.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Many of you have asked me about keeping current on my blog - sorry, not much happening since White Rock - a few weekends of ice have kept me off the trails - however, today me and Captain, Bunny and Chris all spent some time at Busiek. Gorgeous morning, water in the streams running deep and clear. Chris showed us all how to cross a stream - just run right through it.

Getting Ready for Ouachita 50K in April. Anyone else planning for OT50, or other races?

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